Timthumb not resizing images

All of the Pexeto themes use the popular Timthumb script to resize the images. Sometimes this script doesn’t generate the image and in most cases this is related with the server settings or the image itself. In case you have problems with getting the image resizing work, here are a few troubleshooting steps that you can follow:

1. Timthumb’s cache folder hasn’t writing permissions enabled

You have to make sure that the Timthumb’s cache folder has writing permissions enabled. For the different themes the cache folder is located in different locations within the theme files:

Expression, Photolux, Acoustic, Highlight and The Cotton : lib/utils/cache
Dandelion and Anthology: functions/cache
Perception, PaperCore and Sintagma: script/cache

To check the permissions of the cache folder you would need to access the files uploaded to your server. A common method to do this is by using an FTP client such as FileZilla. Once you login to your server,  you should find the theme’s folder located within the wp-content/themes directory of the WordPress installation. You have to navigate to the cache folder of the theme and check the permissions assigned to it (with FileZilla: right click » File Permissions). Permissions settings set to 755 should be working fine.

2. The image is not hosted on the same domain

Because of some security reasons, Timthumb requires images to be hosted on the same domain as the script itself. Therefore, you have to make sure that you don’t use external images, but only ones hosted on the same domain.

3. Original image size is too big

If the size of the image is too big (more than 2000 pixels wide or high), Timthumb may not be able to resize it, so you have to make sure to use smaller images. Additionally, using such big images when working on the web is not a good practice (except if there is a reason for this), as they would load slower and also will generate you lots of additional traffic.

4. Your hosting is not mapped to a real domain name

If you are using an IP address to access your WordPress site, for example:

Timthumb wouldn’t be working. You have to map your site to a real domain name and then after you re-upload the images for this domain name, the script should be working fine.

5. Your hosting has limited some settings which prevent Timthumb from working correctly

It is possible Timthumb not to be working because of the server settings enabled. For example, the server needs to have the GD library installed. Also, it is possible your server to have some mod_security settings enabled that can prevent the script from working. So, if you have followed the steps above and Timthumb is still not working for you, you may contact your hosting support and ask them whether they have disabled/enabled some settings that would prevent the script from running.

For example, HostGator hostings have some known incompatibilities regarding Timthumb and if you are using their hostings, you have to contact the support and ask them to make your server settings compatible for timthumb. On this page you can find an article with an email template that you can use to send them the query.

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