Styling Buttons

The theme includes an unique set of buttons that allow you to directly insert the styled content into your editor area. In this way, you can easily organize your content while creating it without having to save and preview your page with every change you do.

The button set includes:

  • Into text
  • Underlined heading
  • Two highlight styles
  • Drop caps
  • Six different bullet list styles
  • Image with frame with Upload functionality
  • Lightbox image with Upload functionality
  • Button generator with color picker
  • Four info box styles
  • Three column layouts
  • Pricing table
  • Video embedding – YouTube, Vimeo and Flash
  • Testimonials shortcode generator


Previewing the content while editing


When inserting the styled elements, you can preview the content just while editing – no refresh of the page is needed.


Styling buttons quick video presentation