Using WordPress posts_nav_link to create post pagination links

The posts_nav_link function in WordPress is used to display navigation links for paginated posts. It allows users to easily navigate between different pages of posts, such as going to the next page, the previous page, or to the first or last page.

This function can be useful for websites that have a large number of posts and want to provide a user-friendly way for visitors to navigate through them. It helps improve the overall user experience by making it easier for users to find and access the content they are interested in.

Parameters accepted by the WordPress posts_nav_link function

  • $sep (string, optional. Default value: ”): Separator for posts navigation links.
  • $prelabel (string, optional. Default value: ”): Label for previous pages.
  • $nxtlabel (string, optional. Default value: ”): Optional Label for next pages.

The posts_nav_link function accepts the above parameters to customize the navigation links for posts. The $sep parameter specifies the separator to be used between the navigation links. The $prelabel and $nxtlabel parameters allow you to provide custom labels for the previous and next pages, respectively.

Value returned by the WordPress posts_nav_link function

The posts_nav_link function does not return a value. Instead, it is used to directly output the navigation links based on the provided parameters.


How to use posts_nav_link to display previous and next post links

Use the following code snippet to display the previous and next post links:

<p><?php posts_nav_link( ' ', 'Previous Post', 'Next Post' ); ?></p>

This code snippet will display the “Previous Post” link if there is a previous post, and the “Next Post” link if there is a next post. It is commonly used to navigate between posts in a WordPress loop.

How to use posts_nav_link to customize the link text

You can customize the link text by using the following code snippet:

<p><?php posts_nav_link( ' | ', 'Older Posts', 'Newer Posts' ); ?></p>

This code snippet will display the “Older Posts” link if there are older posts, and the “Newer Posts” link if there are newer posts. The separator between the links is set to a vertical bar using the parameter ' | '.


The posts_nav_link function is a useful tool for navigating between pages of posts on a WordPress website. By using this function, developers can easily create a set of links to the previous and next pages of posts, providing a seamless user experience for site visitors. Additionally, the flexibility of the function allows for customization to fit the specific needs of the website. With its simple implementation and powerful functionality, posts_nav_link is a valuable asset for any WordPress developer.

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