Using comment_text to display a comment text in WordPress

The WordPress comment_text function is used to display the comment text for a specific WordPress comment. It can be useful for displaying the content of a comment on a WordPress website, allowing users to read and interact with the comments left on posts or pages.

By using the comment_text function, developers can easily retrieve and display the comment text without having to manually retrieve and format the comment data. This can save time and effort when working with comments in WordPress themes or plugins.

Parameters accepted by the comment_text function

The comment_text function accepts the following parameters:

  • $comment_id (int or WP_Comment, optional): WP_Comment or ID of the comment for which to print the text. Default is the current comment.
  • $args (array, optional): An array of arguments. Default value is an empty array.

Value returned by the comment_text function

The comment_text function does not return a value.


How to display the comment text in a WordPress template file

<?php comment_text(); ?>

The code snippet simply outputs the text of the current comment within a WordPress template file. It is a common usage of the comment_text function to display the comment content on the front-end of a website.

How to customize the comment text output in WordPress

 $comment_text = get_comment_text(); 
 echo wpautop( $comment_text ); 

This code snippet retrieves the comment text using get_comment_text, applies paragraph formatting using wpautop, and then echoes the formatted text. This allows for customization of the comment text output in WordPress by adding HTML paragraph tags around the comment content.

How to conditionally display the comment text based on user role in WordPress

 $user = wp_get_current_user();
 if ( in_array( 'administrator', $user->roles ) ) {

In this code snippet, we first retrieve the current user using wp_get_current_user. We then use an if statement to check if the user has the ‘administrator’ role using in_array. If the condition is true, the comment text is displayed using comment_text. This allows for conditional display of the comment text based on the user role in WordPress.


The comment_text function is a valuable tool for managing and displaying user comments on a website. By allowing for the customization of comment formatting and filtering, it provides a flexible solution for developers looking to improve the user experience on their sites. Additionally, the function’s ability to handle various parameters and options makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of comment management needs.

In conclusion, the comment_text function is a powerful and efficient way to handle user comments, and its inclusion in website development can greatly enhance the overall user experience.

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