Deleting an option in WordPress using delete_option

The WordPress delete_option function is used to delete a specific option from the database. This can be useful in situations where you no longer need a certain option stored in the database, such as when a plugin is uninstalled or when certain settings are no longer needed.

By using the delete_option function, you can effectively remove unnecessary data from the database, helping to keep it clean and optimized. This can also help improve the overall performance of your WordPress site by reducing the amount of unnecessary data that needs to be stored and retrieved.

Parameters accepted by the delete_option function

  • $option (string, required): Name of the option to delete. It is expected to not be SQL-escaped.

Value returned by the delete_option function

The function returns a boolean value. It returns true if the option was successfully deleted, and false otherwise.


How to delete a single option in WordPress


This code snippet uses the delete_option function to delete a single option named ‘my_option’ from the WordPress database.

How to delete multiple options in WordPress

$options_to_delete = array('option1', 'option2', 'option3');
foreach ($options_to_delete as $option) {

This code snippet demonstrates how to use a foreach loop to delete multiple options at once using the delete_option function.


In conclusion, the delete_option function is an effective feature for managing options in WordPress. It provides a simple and efficient way to remove a specific option from the database, allowing for better control and organization of data. By understanding how to properly use this function, developers can ensure their code is more efficient and maintainable. With its flexibility and ease of use, delete_option is a valuable function for any WordPress developer’s toolkit.

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