Using get_filesystem_method to retrieve the filesystem method in WordPress

The get_filesystem_method function in WordPress is used to retrieve the method used for the filesystem. This function is useful for determining the method that WordPress uses to access the filesystem, which can be important for performing file operations such as uploading, updating, or deleting files.

By using the get_filesystem_method function, developers can programmatically determine the appropriate filesystem method to use for their specific needs, ensuring compatibility and consistency across different WordPress installations.

Parameters accepted by the get_filesystem_method function

  • $args (array), optional. Default value: array(). Description: Connection details.
  • $context (string), optional. Default value: ”. Description: Full path to the directory that is tested for being writable.
  • $allow_relaxed_file_ownership (bool), optional. Default value: false. Description: Whether to allow Group/World writable.

Value returned by the get_filesystem_method function

The function returns a string representing the transport to use. See the description for valid return values.


How to use get_filesystem_method to retrieve the filesystem method

Below is an example of how to use the get_filesystem_method function to retrieve the filesystem method:

$filesystem_method = get_filesystem_method();

This code snippet retrieves the filesystem method that WordPress should use for file system access. It assigns the retrieved method to the $filesystem_method variable.

How to use get_filesystem_method with conditionals

Here’s an example of using get_filesystem_method with conditionals to perform different actions based on the filesystem method:

$filesystem_method = get_filesystem_method();

if ( 'direct' === $filesystem_method ) {
 // Perform direct file system operations
} elseif ( 'ssh2' === $filesystem_method ) {
 // Perform SSH2 file system operations
} else {
 // Perform default file system operations

In this code snippet, the get_filesystem_method function is used to retrieve the filesystem method, and then a series of if and elseif statements are used to perform different actions based on the retrieved method.


The get_filesystem_method function is a crucial tool for developers working with file systems in PHP. It provides a reliable way to determine the most appropriate method for interacting with the file system based on the server’s configuration and capabilities.

By using this function, developers can ensure that their code is compatible with a wide range of server environments, leading to more robust and portable applications. Additionally, the get_filesystem_method function helps to streamline the development process by abstracting away the complexities of working with different file system methods.

Whether you are building a simple file upload feature or a complex file management system, the get_filesystem_method function can greatly simplify your development workflow and improve the overall reliability of your code.