Using the get_post_format_slugs function in WordPress

The get_post_format_slugs function in WordPress retrieves all the post format slugs that are registered with the current theme. This can be useful for developers who want to customize the display of different post formats in their theme. By retrieving the post format slugs, developers can create specific styles or templates for each post format, allowing for a more visually dynamic and engaging website.

Parameters and Return Value of get_post_format_slugs function

The get_post_format_slugs function does not accept any parameters. It simply returns an array of post format slugs as both keys and values, represented as strings.


How to get post format slugs in WordPress

Here’s a simple example of using the get_post_format_slugs function to retrieve the slugs of all available post formats:

$format_slugs = get_post_format_slugs();

foreach ($format_slugs as $slug) {
 echo $slug . '<br>';

This code snippet retrieves the slugs of all available post formats using the get_post_format_slugs function and then iterates through the array of slugs using a foreach loop to output each slug.

How to check if a post has a specific format in WordPress

Here’s an example of using the get_post_format_slugs function to check if a post has a specific format:

$post_id = get_the_ID();
$post_format = get_post_format($post_id);
$format_slugs = get_post_format_slugs();

if (in_array($post_format, $format_slugs)) {
 echo 'This post has a valid format.';
} else {
 echo 'This post does not have a valid format.';

This code snippet first retrieves the post ID using get_the_ID, then uses get_post_format to get the format of the post. It then checks if the post format is in the array of format slugs retrieved using get_post_format_slugs and outputs a message accordingly.


In conclusion, the get_post_format_slugs function is a valuable tool for developers working with WordPress. It provides a convenient way to retrieve the slugs of all available post formats, allowing for easy integration into custom themes and plugins. By using this function, developers can streamline their workflow and ensure consistency in their post format handling. Overall, get_post_format_slugs is a powerful and efficient function that enhances the flexibility and usability of WordPress development.

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