Resetting user passwords in WordPress with reset_password

The reset_password function in WordPress is used to reset a user’s password. This can be useful in situations where a user has forgotten their password and needs a new one to regain access to their account. The function generates a new password and updates the user’s password in the WordPress database, allowing them to log in with the new password.

Parameters Accepted by the WordPress reset_password Function

The reset_password function accepts the following parameters:

  • $user (WP_User) – required. This parameter represents the user for whom the password is being reset.
  • $new_pass (string) – required. This parameter specifies the new password for the user in plaintext.

Value Returned by the WordPress reset_password Function

The reset_password function does not return a value.


How to use the WordPress reset_password function to handle password reset form submissions

Here’s a code snippet that demonstrates how to use the reset_password function in WordPress to handle password reset form submissions:

if ( isset( $_POST['reset_password'] ) ) {
 $user = check_password_reset_key( $_POST['key'], $_POST['login'] );
 if ( ! is_wp_error( $user ) ) {
 reset_password( $user, $_POST['new_password'] );
 echo 'Password reset successfully!';
 } else {
 echo 'Invalid key or user.';

This code snippet checks if the password reset form has been submitted. If so, it verifies the password reset key and user login using the check_password_reset_key function. If the key and user are valid, it resets the password using the reset_password function and displays a success message.


In conclusion, the reset_password function is a crucial component in ensuring the security and usability of a system. By allowing users to securely reset their passwords, it provides a necessary layer of protection against unauthorized access. It is important to implement this function with strong security measures, such as multi-factor authentication and secure password reset links, to prevent potential exploits. Additionally, thorough testing and validation of user input is essential to ensure the function operates as intended. Overall, the reset_password function plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of a system’s security protocols.

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