Getting file MIME types in WordPress using wp_get_mime_types

The wp_get_mime_types function is a part of the WordPress core. Its primary role is to retrieve an array of all available MIME types and their corresponding file extensions that are recognized by the WordPress system.

This function can be beneficial in different scenarios. For instance, it can be used to validate the file types uploaded to a website, ensuring that only files with certain MIME types are allowed. This could be a measure to enhance the security of a WordPress site by preventing the upload of potentially harmful file types.

Additionally, the wp_get_mime_types function can be used in the process of handling file downloads. By identifying the MIME type of a file, the function can assist in setting the appropriate headers for the file download process.

Moreover, this function can be used in situations where there is a need to programmatically interact with or manipulate files of certain types within the WordPress environment.

It’s important to note that the wp_get_mime_types function returns a comprehensive list of MIME types, including not just common file types like ‘image/jpeg’ or ‘application/pdf’, but also less common ones. This makes it a versatile function for dealing with a wide range of file types.


The wp_get_mime_types function in WordPress does not require any parameters.

Return Value

This function returns an array of mime types. Each mime type is associated with a file extension regex that corresponds to that specific type.


How to Get All MIME Types in WordPress

This code snippet retrieves all the MIME types that WordPress recognizes and assigns to files.

$mime_types = wp_get_mime_types();

How to Check if a Specific MIME Type is Recognized by WordPress

This code snippet checks if a specific MIME type, in this case ‘application/pdf’, is recognized by WordPress.

$mime_types = wp_get_mime_types();
if (array_search('application/pdf', $mime_types)) {
 echo '<p>PDF MIME type is recognized by WordPress.</p>';
} else {
 echo '<p>PDF MIME type is not recognized by WordPress.</p>';

How to Get the Extension of a Specific MIME Type

This code snippet retrieves the file extension corresponding to a specific MIME type, in this case ‘image/jpeg’.

$mime_types = wp_get_mime_types();
$jpeg_extension = array_search('image/jpeg', $mime_types);
echo '<p>The extension for the JPEG MIME type is: ' . $jpeg_extension . '</p>';


The wp_get_mime_types function in WordPress is a utility that retrieves an array of MIME types and file extensions. This function can be leveraged for various applications such as file type validation, media handling, and setting up custom post types with file attachments. By using this function, developers can gain a comprehensive list of MIME types, which can be beneficial when working with different file formats and media types in a WordPress environment.

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