Using wp_get_server_protocol to get server protocol in WordPress

The WordPress function wp_get_server_protocol is a function that retrieves the server protocol being used. This function is utilized to determine whether the current server is using HTTP or HTTPS protocol. The server protocol is an important aspect of web development as it influences how data is transferred over the network.

The function wp_get_server_protocol is designed to return a string that represents the protocol used by the server. This string will either be ‘HTTP/1.0’ or ‘HTTP/1.1’, depending on the protocol version in use by the server.

The primary utility of the wp_get_server_protocol function is to provide information about the server environment. This can be useful in various situations where the server protocol might impact the functionality or behavior of a WordPress site or plugin.

For instance, knowing the server protocol can be crucial when dealing with redirects, form submissions, or any other situation where the server’s response might differ based on the protocol used. Therefore, the wp_get_server_protocol function serves as a method for developers to access this information programmatically, without having to manually check server settings.


The wp_get_server_protocol function in WordPress does not accept any parameters.

Return Value

This function returns a string representing the HTTP protocol. By default, it returns ‘HTTP/1.0’.


How to Display the Server Protocol

This example demonstrates how to use the wp_get_server_protocol function to display the server protocol.

<?php $protocol = wp_get_server_protocol();
echo "Server Protocol: $protocol";

How to execute code based on Server Protocol

This example demonstrates how to use the wp_get_server_protocol function to update a meta tag based on the server’s protocol.

<?php // Get the server protocol
$protocol = wp_get_server_protocol();

if ($protocol == 'HTTP/2.0') {
    // handle HTTP/2.0 protocol
} else {
    // handle other protocols


The wp_get_server_protocol function in WordPress is a utility function that is designed to return the current server protocol, either ‘HTTP/1.1’ or ‘HTTP/1.0’. This function is primarily used in scenarios where it is necessary to determine the protocol being used by the server, such as when building HTTP headers or when handling requests and responses within a WordPress site. It is important to note that the wp_get_server_protocol function does not accept any parameters and does not require any specific setup or configuration to use.

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