Checking if lazy loading is enabled for images in WordPress with wp_lazy_loading_enabled

The wp_lazy_loading_enabled function in WordPress is used to check whether lazy loading of images is enabled on a website. Lazy loading is a technique used to improve website performance by deferring the loading of non-essential resources, such as images, until they are needed. This can be useful for improving page load times, especially on pages with a large number of images.

By using the wp_lazy_loading_enabled function, developers can programmatically determine whether lazy loading is enabled on a website and take appropriate actions based on the result. This can be useful for customizing the behavior of a website based on whether lazy loading is enabled or not.

Parameters Accepted by wp_lazy_loading_enabled Function

The wp_lazy_loading_enabled function accepts the following parameters:

  • $tag_name (string, required): The tag name.
  • $context (string, required): Additional context, like the current filter name or the function name from where this was called.

The function returns a boolean value, indicating whether to add the attribute.


How to check if lazy loading is enabled

if ( wp_lazy_loading_enabled() ) {
 echo 'Lazy loading is enabled';
} else {
 echo 'Lazy loading is not enabled';

This code snippet checks if lazy loading is enabled on the WordPress site using the wp_lazy_loading_enabled function. If lazy loading is enabled, it will echo “Lazy loading is enabled”, otherwise it will echo “Lazy loading is not enabled”.

How to conditionally enqueue scripts based on lazy loading status

if ( wp_lazy_loading_enabled() ) {
 // Enqueue script for lazy loaded images
 wp_enqueue_script( 'lazy-load-script', 'lazy-load.js', array('jquery'), '1.0', true );
} else {
 // Enqueue script for regular images
 wp_enqueue_script( 'regular-image-script', 'regular-image.js', array('jquery'), '1.0', true );

This code snippet uses the wp_lazy_loading_enabled function to conditionally enqueue a script for lazy loaded images if lazy loading is enabled, or enqueue a script for regular images if lazy loading is not enabled.

How to add a filter to disable lazy loading for specific post types

function disable_lazy_loading_for_post_type( $enabled, $post_type ) {
 if ( 'product' === $post_type ) {
 return false; // Disable lazy loading for 'product' post type
 return $enabled;
add_filter( 'wp_lazy_loading_enabled', 'disable_lazy_loading_for_post_type', 10, 2 );

This code snippet demonstrates how to add a filter to disable lazy loading for a specific post type using the wp_lazy_loading_enabled function. In this example, lazy loading is disabled for the ‘product’ post type by returning false in the filter function.


In conclusion, the wp_lazy_loading_enabled function is a valuable addition to WordPress, providing a simple and efficient way to enable lazy loading for images on a website. By utilizing this function, developers can improve page load times and user experience, ultimately leading to higher engagement and better SEO rankings. With its straightforward implementation and potential for significant performance gains, wp_lazy_loading_enabled is a tool that should be considered for any WordPress site looking to optimize its image loading process.