Sorting array keys in WordPress with wp_recursive_ksort

The wp_recursive_ksort function in WordPress is designed to sort an array by its keys in a recursive manner. This means that not only the top-level keys of the array will be sorted, but also the keys of any sub-arrays contained within it. This function is useful when dealing with multi-dimensional arrays where it’s necessary to have the keys in a consistent order.

As the name implies, the wp_recursive_ksort function utilizes the ‘ksort’ PHP function, which sorts an array by key, maintaining key to data correlations. This is applied recursively to ensure that all keys, even those nested within multi-dimensional arrays, are sorted.

The result of the wp_recursive_ksort function is a sorted version of the original array, with the same values but with keys re-ordered. This can be beneficial for tasks such as data comparison, where having consistent key order can simplify the process.

It’s important to note that the wp_recursive_ksort function doesn’t affect the original array being passed to it, but rather returns a new array with sorted keys. As such, its use doesn’t pose a risk of unintentionally modifying the original data structure.

Parameters Accepted by the wp_recursive_ksort Function

The wp_recursive_ksort function in WordPress accepts a single parameter:

  • $input_array (array, required): This parameter represents the array that needs to be sorted. It is mandatory and is passed by reference to the function.

Return Value of the wp_recursive_ksort Function

The wp_recursive_ksort function does not return any value.


How to Sort a Multidimensional Array Using wp_recursive_ksort Function

The following code snippet shows how to sort a multidimensional array using the wp_recursive_ksort function. The function sorts all arrays within the main array by their keys.

$my_array = array(
 'c' => array('c1' => 'apple', 'c2' => 'banana'),
 'a' => array('a1' => 'orange', 'a2' => 'grape'),
 'b' => array('b1' => 'pear', 'b2' => 'peach')

How to Sort an Array of Post Data Using wp_recursive_ksort Function

This code snippet shows how to sort an array of post data by their keys using the wp_recursive_ksort function. This can be useful when you want to display the post data in a certain order.

$post_data = array(
 'post_title' => 'My Post Title',
 'post_content' => 'This is the content of my post.',
 'post_status' => 'publish',
 'post_author' => 1,
 'post_category' => array(1,2)


The wp_recursive_ksort function in WordPress is a tool that enables developers to sort an array by key, in a recursive manner. This function is particularly beneficial when dealing with multidimensional arrays where a standard ksort function would not suffice. The wp_recursive_ksort function dives into each nested array to ensure a complete sort by key across all dimensions. This can be used to organize data in a way that is more manageable and efficient for a developer to work with, particularly when dealing with large and complex data structures.