Using wp_strip_all_tags to strip all HTML tags from content in WordPress

The wp_strip_all_tags function in WordPress is used to strip all HTML and PHP tags from a given string. This can be useful when you want to sanitize user input or content before displaying it on a webpage to prevent any potential security vulnerabilities or unwanted formatting.

By using wp_strip_all_tags, you can ensure that any potentially harmful or unwanted tags are removed from the input, allowing you to safely display the content without any unexpected formatting or code execution.

Parameters Accepted by wp_strip_all_tags Function

  • $text (string, required): String containing HTML tags
  • $remove_breaks (bool, optional, default value: false): Whether to remove leftover line breaks and white space characters

The wp_strip_all_tags function accepts two parameters. The first parameter, $text, is a required string that contains HTML tags. The second parameter, $remove_breaks, is an optional boolean value with a default of false. This parameter determines whether to remove leftover line breaks and white space characters.

Return Value of wp_strip_all_tags Function

The wp_strip_all_tags function returns a processed string.


How to use wp_strip_all_tags to remove all HTML tags from a string

$text = '<p>This is a <strong>sample</strong> text with <a href="#">HTML</a> tags.</p>';
$stripped_text = wp_strip_all_tags($text);
echo $stripped_text;

This code snippet uses the wp_strip_all_tags function to remove all HTML tags from the $text variable. The resulting $stripped_text will contain only plain text without any HTML tags.


In conclusion, the wp_strip_all_tags function is a valuable tool for developers working with WordPress. It provides a simple and efficient way to remove all HTML tags from a given string, ensuring that the content is safe and clean for display. By using this function, developers can easily sanitize user input and prevent potential security vulnerabilities. Overall, wp_strip_all_tags is a versatile and essential function for WordPress development.

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