Stripping slashes from a string in WordPress using wp_kses_stripslashes

The wp_kses_stripslashes function in WordPress is used to remove slashes from a string or array of strings. This can be useful when dealing with data that has been escaped for storage in the database, and needs to be displayed or used in a way that does not require the slashes.

By using wp_kses_stripslashes, developers can ensure that their data is properly formatted for display or further processing, without the added complexity of dealing with escaped characters.

Parameters Accepted by wp_kses_stripslashes Function

  • $content (string, required): String to strip slashes from.

Value Returned by wp_kses_stripslashes Function

The function returns a fixed string with quoted slashes.


How to use wp_kses_stripslashes to remove slashes from a string

$content = "This is a string with slashes: \'Hello, World!\'";
$stripped_content = wp_kses_stripslashes( $content );
echo $stripped_content;

This code snippet uses the wp_kses_stripslashes function to remove slashes from a string. In this example, the $content variable contains a string with slashes. The wp_kses_stripslashes function is then used to remove the slashes, and the result is stored in the $stripped_content variable. Finally, the stripped content is echoed to the output.

How to use wp_kses_stripslashes with an array of strings

$strings = array( "This is a string with slashes: \'Hello, World!\'", "Another string with slashes: \'It\'s raining outside\'" );
$stripped_strings = array_map( 'wp_kses_stripslashes', $strings );
print_r( $stripped_strings );

This code snippet demonstrates how to use the wp_kses_stripslashes function with an array of strings. The $strings array contains multiple strings with slashes. The array_map function is used to apply the wp_kses_stripslashes function to each string in the array, and the result is stored in the $stripped_strings array. Finally, the stripped strings are printed to the output using the print_r function.

How to use wp_kses_stripslashes with a conditional statement

$content = "This is a string with slashes: \'Hello, World!\'";
if ( strpos( $content, '\\' ) !== false ) {
 $stripped_content = wp_kses_stripslashes( $content );
 echo $stripped_content;
} else {
 echo "No slashes found in the string.";

In this code snippet, the wp_kses_stripslashes function is used within a conditional statement. The $content variable contains a string with slashes. The strpos function is used to check if the string contains any slashes. If slashes are found, the wp_kses_stripslashes function is applied to the string and the stripped content is echoed. If no slashes are found, a message indicating that no slashes were found is echoed instead.


In conclusion, the wp_kses_stripslashes function is a valuable tool for developers working with WordPress. By removing unnecessary slashes from data, it helps to ensure the security and integrity of user input. This function is particularly useful when processing form submissions or other user-generated content. However, it is important to use this function judiciously and in conjunction with other security measures to fully protect against potential threats. Overall, wp_kses_stripslashes is a reliable and efficient function that plays a crucial role in maintaining the security of WordPress websites.

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