How to retrieve the timezone in WordPress using wp_timezone

The wp_timezone function in WordPress is used to retrieve the timezone from the site settings. This function can be useful for displaying dates and times in the correct timezone for the site, ensuring that users see the information in their local time.

By using the wp_timezone function, developers can avoid hardcoding timezone information into their code, making it easier to maintain and update in the future. This function also helps to ensure consistency in displaying dates and times across the site, regardless of the user’s location.

Parameters and Return Value of the WordPress wp_timezone Function

The wp_timezone function does not require any parameters to be passed to it.

When called, the function returns a DateTimeZone object, which represents a time zone.


How to get the current timezone using wp_timezone

 $timezone = wp_timezone();
 echo $timezone;

The code snippet retrieves the current timezone using the wp_timezone function and then echoes the timezone value.

How to convert a date to the site’s timezone using wp_timezone

 $date = '2023-12-31 08:00:00';
 $site_timezone = wp_timezone();
 $converted_date = date_create($date, new DateTimeZone('UTC'));
 echo $converted_date->format('Y-m-d H:i:s');

The code snippet first defines a date in UTC format, then retrieves the site’s timezone using wp_timezone. It then converts the date to the site’s timezone and echoes the converted date.


The wp_timezone function is a valuable tool for developers working with time zones in WordPress. It provides a simple and efficient way to retrieve the timezone for a site, taking into account any user-specific settings or overrides. By using this function, developers can ensure that their code accurately reflects the correct time zone, improving the overall user experience.

Additionally, the wp_timezone function helps to streamline the process of working with time zones, reducing the potential for errors and inconsistencies in time-related functionality. This can ultimately save developers time and effort, while also improving the reliability of their code.

The wp_timezone function is a valuable addition to the WordPress developer’s toolkit, providing a straightforward solution for managing time zones in a WordPress environment.

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