Changing the default height of the Nivo slider

Please Note: Theme customizations go beyond the scope of our support services and this article is provided solely as a courtesy to our customers. Please take a moment to review the Scope of our Support.

To change the height of the Nivo slider you have to insert the following CSS into the Photolux Options -> Styles Settings -> Additional Styles section (example with changing the height to 450 pixels):

#nivo-slider {
height: 450px;

This modification should be working fine if you have the “Automatic image resizing” disabled in the Nivo slider section of the options panel. If you would like to use the automatic image resizing as well, you have to modify the theme’s includes/slider-nivo.php file and change line 45:

$path=pexeto_get_resized_image($imgurl, 980, 400);

to be like this:

$path=pexeto_get_resized_image($imgurl, 980, 450);

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