Creating multiple portfolios / galleries

All of the Pexeto themes support unlimited portfolios / galleries. If you would like to create multiple pages with different subcategories, here are the main steps you have to follow:

If for example, you would like to create a page Photography with categories Landscapes, Animals and Portraits and a page called Design with categories Web Design, Logo Design and Graphic Design, you would have to first create the following portfolio category hierarchy:

— Landscapes
— Animals
— Portraits

(Landscapes, Animals and Portraits are child categories of the parent Photography category)

— Web Design
— Logo Design
— Graphic Design

(Web Design, Logo Design and Graphic Design are child categories of the parent Design category)

After you create this category hierarchy, you have to create the two portfolio / gallery pages and assign the category of portfolio items you would like to display in it. For the Photography page you have to select the Photography parent category and for the Design page select the Design parent category. The custom field’s title where you can select the category name may vary for the different themes – in most cases it should be called “Display items from categories” or similar.

For full reference about setting the portfolio / gallery page, please refer to the relevant page subsection of the “Template Pages” section of the documentation.

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