Envato is retiring their API, affecting automatic theme updates

The Envato team announced that they would start shutting their v1 API endpoints in February 2017. This will affect the automatic theme updates feature, that allows you to update the theme from the dashboard.

The theme updates feature uses the Envato Toolkit library, that works with the Envato API v1. Envato is not planning to release an update of the Envato Toolkit library to work with their new API (v2), but instead recommends using the Envato Market Plugin. The Envato Market Plugin can be used to install updates for all of your ThemeForest and CodeCanyon items.

Therefore, we have released updates of our themes to remove the old Envato Toolkit Library and recommend installing the Envato Market Plugin. If you already have the latest version of the theme installed, you should have seen a notification in your Dashboard that recommends installing the Envato Market Plugin.

The Envato team hasn’t announced the exact date of shutting the API down, so if you still haven’t updated your theme to the latest version, you might be still able to use the automatic updates feature to install the update after February 2017.

Update: As of September 2018, version 1 of the Envato API is no longer available. If you are still using a version of the theme that has the old Envato Toolkit Library implemented, please use one of the following methods to install the update:

  • Download and install the Envato Market Plugin. You can read more about how to use the plugin in the “Updates” section of the documentation.
  • Install the update manually, as explained in the “Updates” section of the documentation

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