Grid Gallery not loading


The Grid Gallery is not loading, only the loading icon is displayed, but the items I created don’t show up.
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First you have to make sure that you have configured the gallery correctly. You can either read the detailed instructions within the “Grid Gallery” section of the documentation or watch the gallery setup video here. If you are sure you have configured the gallery correctly and it is still not working, here are the main reasons that may be causing this:

  • Old version of WordPress installed – this theme requires at least WordPress 3.3 in order to work properly. This is mainly because of some new functions of jQuery 1.7 that the gallery uses and jQuery 1.7 was first included in WordPress 3.3. If you are using an old version of WordPress, updating to the latest version should fix your problem.
  • Plugin problem – a code from another plugin may be causing the problem, so you can try with temporarily disabling all the plugins installed and check if the gallery will be loaded.


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