Installing a Pexeto theme

You can read the full instructions about installing the theme in the “Activating the theme” section of the documentation or you can watch the installation videos here. There are two main ways of installing your theme:

1. Installing a Pexeto Theme via the WordPress uploader

The easiest way to install the theme would be to use the built in WordPress uploader. However, please note that some servers may have some limited settings and you may have to upload your theme via FTP (video below).


2. Installing a Pexeto Theme via FTP

In order to upload the theme via FTP, you need to have an FTP client installed on your computer – we recommend using FileZilla.


Troubleshooting and common mistakes

Here are the most common mistakes or reasons for failing to install the theme

  •  Uploading the whole zip file you have directly downloaded from ThemeForest – this is not correct, as this zip file contains not only the theme, but documentation, PhotoShop files, etc. which shouldn’t be uploaded. If you upload the whole zip file, you will most likely get a message saying “Missing stylesheet”, so you have to make sure to unzip this file first and then upload the theme only.
  • When uploading via FTP, inserting the theme files within more than one folder – for example, the theme’s style.css file should be located like this:


but not like this:


If you install the theme like this, you will be able to activate it, but you may experience problems with it after that when working.

  • You have an old version of WordPress installed – please make sure to always run the latest version of WordPress available. If you have an older version installed, a message saying that you should update your installation should be displayed on the top of your admin section.


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