Portfolio page : 404 not found

1. 404 in a standard page

If you get a 404 Page Not Found error when you open your portfolio page, this is most likely because you have created the following page hierarchy:

Portfolio  (Parent Page)
—Portfolio Subpage One
—Portfolio Subpage Two
—Portfolio Subpage Three

With this page hierarchy, you will get a 404 result when your permalink structure is set to any other option but the default one and you try to open one of the subpages. The reason for this is that, for example the first subpage will have the following permalink structure:


Because the theme has a custom post type registered with slug “portfolio”, with that permalink structure WordPress will be actually looking for a portfolio posts with title “Portfolio Subpage One”, rather than a page “Portfolio Subpage One” with parent “Portfolio”.

In this case, there are two solutions:

  1. Remove this child/parent hierarchy – if you have built this hierarchy in order to create a drop-down menu in the navigation, please note that the theme supports the “WordPress Custom Menus” functionality, which doesn’t require to create such a hierarchy in order to create a drop-down. For more information about creating the menu, please refer to the “Menu” section of the documentation.
  2. Change the parent Portfolio page’s slug to anything different of “portfolio”, for example “portfolio-page”. You can do this in the “Slug” field in Quick Edit mode of the page.


2. 404 in a single portfolio post

If you get a 404 error in single portfolio post page, then the most likely reason for this problem is that the permalinks settings you have selected are not completely applied. Sometimes the WordPress permalinks settings need to be “flushed” in order to be working correctly on each post type, so you can try to open the Settings -> Permalinks page and click on the “Save changes” button one or two more times.


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