Tabs and Accordion not working with WordPress 4.5

Update: We have released updates of the Dandelion, Expression and Photolux themes to fix the tabs and accordion issue – if you experience this issue, please make sure that you have the latest version of the theme installed.

A compatibility issue with the new WordPress 4.5 version was just found with the Tabs and Accordion elements of the Dandelion, Expression and Photolux themes. We are currently working on updates to fix this issue, which should be available very soon. Meanwhile, if you want to apply the fix by yourself – it requires only a couple of code changes that can be easily applied. Here is what to do in order to apply the fix:

  1. If you are using the Expression or Photolux theme, open the theme’s js/main.js file . If you are using the Dandelion theme, open the script/ file.
  2. Create a backup of this file, just in case you need to revert your changes. You can also download an unmodified copy of the theme that includes the original file from the Downloads section of your ThemeForest profile.
  3. By using a text editor search for the following code:

    There should be 2 occurrences of this snippet. Replace both occurrences with:

  4. Save your changes

That’s pretty much all that you need to do, after you apply those changes, the issue should get fixed for you.

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