Translating theme header sliders and custom elements with WPML

When using the theme with WPML you can translate the sliders and custom elements (such as services boxes) just by creating a separate slider/element for the new translation (not by using the WPML language switcher button). Here is what you have to do in order to create a translated version of the slider/element:

  1. Make sure that the default language is selected in the admin
  2. Go to the corresponding slider/element management section – for each theme this section can be located in a different section in the admin, for example, the Content Slider section in Story theme is located in the Story -> Content Slider section.
  3. Create a new slider/element set by using the “Add New [element name]” button – this slider/element will be the translated version of the one that you have in your default language
  4. For sliders: open the translated version of your page in edit mode and select the translated slider in the “Page slider/header” field of the page. For the rest of the elements: when adding the element to the content of the page/post, just select the translated version of the element.

In case you don’t see the name of the slider/element listed in the drop down to select, just go to the WPML -> Translation Options page and select “Do Nothing” in the “Categories” fields of the “Custom Taxonomies” section. After this you will see all of the sliders/elements listed in the drop-down and you can select the translated slider version for the translated page.

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