WordPress 3.5 released – changes in adding images to galleries and slideshows

WordPress 3.5 has been just released – it includes some great new features, such as the new Media management screen in posts and pages, which allows creating galleries not only by using the current page/post attachment images, but the images from the whole Media Library. Implementing a new Media screen changes the way the images are added to some of the sections. Currently we are working on updates of our themes to update the instructions in the documentation, but meanwhile – until the update of your theme is released, you can refer to this article which explains the changes and how they affect our themes.


Creating a Quick Gallery page

Creating a quick gallery page is really easy with the new WordPress. All you have to do is:

1. Click on the “Add Media” button above the main content area:

2. Open the “Create Gallery” section. If you would like to upload new images click on the “Upload Files” tab and upload the images. If you would like to add existing Media Library images, click on the “Media Library” tab and select the images you like. After you select the images, click on the “Create a new gallery” button.

3. After this when you click on each image in the gallery, you can set a title and description to it.

4. Use the “Gallery Settings” section to change the gallery settings:

In the “Link to” select “Media File” and in the “Gallery Columns” field select 5 if the page is full width or 3 if the page contains a sidebar.
Click on the “Insert Gallery” button.


Adding images to fullscreen slideshow pages and gallery items

This section applies to:

  • Photolux: Full-width and Full-height slideshow pages
  • Photolux: adding images to portfolio items in Grid Gallery
  • Expression: Full-width and Full-height slideshow pages

The images in all these sections are added in the same way – as image attachments (upcoming updates of Photolux and Expression will also support using the images from WordPress galleries). In order to add images you have to:

1. Click on the “Add Media” button above the main content area:

2. After this clcik on the “Upload files” tab and upload the images you like:

3. When the images get uploaded from the page, they become attachments of this page and will be automatically added to the slideshow. If you would like to edit these images or change their default order after this or later, you have to select the “Uploaded to this page” option in the Media filter (this also applies for images that have been added before installing WordPress 3.5):

When you edit the images from there and change their order, the changes get automatically saved – you don’t have to press any buttons in order to change them.

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