How to display search form in WordPress using get_search_form

The WordPress get_search_form function is used to retrieve the search form HTML markup for the current site. It can be useful for displaying a search form in a custom location within a WordPress theme or plugin.

By using the get_search_form function, developers can ensure that the search form is consistent with the site’s design and functionality, as it will automatically inherit any customizations or styles applied to the search form in the theme or plugins.

Parameters for the WordPress get_search_form function

  • $args (array, optional): Array of display arguments.
  • echo (bool, optional): Whether to echo or return the form. Default value is true.
  • aria_label (string, optional): ARIA label for the search form. Useful to distinguish multiple search forms on the same page and improve accessibility.

Return value of the function

The function returns either void or a string. If the echo argument is set to true, it returns void. If the echo argument is set to false, it returns the search form HTML as a string.


How to use get_search_form to display the search form in a theme file

 echo get_search_form(); 

This code snippet simply echoes the output of the get_search_form function, which displays the search form in the theme file where it is placed.

How to customize the search form using get_search_form

 $args = array(
 'label' => 'Search',
 'placeholder' => 'Search...',
 'class' => 'custom-search-form'
 echo get_search_form($args); 

In this example, we define an array of arguments to customize the search form, such as the label, placeholder, and CSS class. We then pass this array as a parameter to the get_search_form function to display the customized search form.

How to conditionally display the search form using get_search_form

 if (is_user_logged_in()) {
 echo get_search_form(); 

This code snippet uses an if statement to check if the user is logged in. If the condition is true, it echoes the output of the get_search_form function, thus conditionally displaying the search form based on the user’s login status.


The get_search_form function is a powerful and versatile tool for customizing the search form in WordPress. With its ability to accept parameters and its straightforward usage, developers can easily tailor the search form to fit the specific needs of their website. Whether it’s changing the HTML structure, adding custom classes, or including additional fields, the get_search_form function provides a seamless way to enhance the search functionality on a WordPress site.

By understanding the parameters and utilizing the flexibility of this function, developers can create a more user-friendly and visually appealing search form that aligns with the overall design and functionality of their website. Overall, the get_search_form function is an essential tool for WordPress developers looking to customize the search experience for their users.

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