Retrieving a sidebar in WordPress with get_sidebar

The get_sidebar function in WordPress is used to retrieve and display the sidebar template for a WordPress theme. This function is useful for adding a sidebar to a theme, allowing for the inclusion of additional content such as widgets, navigation menus, or other custom elements.

By using the get_sidebar function, theme developers can easily incorporate a sidebar into their theme layout without having to manually write the code for it each time. This can save time and effort, and also ensures consistency across different pages or sections of the website.

The get_sidebar function provides a convenient way to include a sidebar in a WordPress theme, making it a valuable tool for theme development and customization.

Parameters Accepted by WordPress get_sidebar Function

  • $name (string, optional): The name of the specialized sidebar. Default value is null.
  • $args (array, optional): Additional arguments passed to the sidebar template. Default value is an empty array.

Return Value of the Function

The get_sidebar function returns void on success, and false if the template does not exist.


How to include the default sidebar in WordPress

Use the get_sidebar() function to include the default sidebar in a WordPress theme.


How to include a specific sidebar in WordPress

Use the get_sidebar() function with a parameter to include a specific sidebar in a WordPress theme.

 get_sidebar( 'custom-sidebar' );

How to conditionally include a sidebar in WordPress

Use an if statement to conditionally include a sidebar in a WordPress theme based on a specific condition.

 if ( is_page() ) {


The get_sidebar function is an effective feature for customizing the layout and design of a WordPress website. By using this function, developers can easily add, remove, or modify sidebars to better suit the needs of their clients or users. Additionally, the flexibility and ease of use of the get_sidebar function make it an essential part of any WordPress developer’s toolkit.

Whether you are creating a simple blog or a complex e-commerce site, the ability to control the layout and appearance of sidebars is crucial. With the get_sidebar function, developers can streamline the process of managing sidebars and ensure a consistent and professional look across their website.

In conclusion, the get_sidebar function is a valuable resource for WordPress developers, offering a straightforward way to manage sidebars and enhance the user experience. By mastering this function, developers can take their website customization to the next level, delivering a polished and user-friendly interface.

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