Updating the theme

In this article you will find some useful information and answers of the most frequently asked questions about updating a WordPress theme.

1. Will I loose any changes when I update the theme?

  • All the changes and settings that you have applied from the admin panel (e.g. theme options, created posts and pages, etc.) will be saved when you update the theme.
  • If you have applied modifications directly to the theme files, these modifications will be lost when you update the theme, as the update will replace all the existing theme files with the new ones. If you have applied modifications directly to the themes files, you may consider:

– if the changes are CSS changes only, use the Additional CSS Styles field in the theme options panel to insert the CSS changes. All the CSS that you apply in the Additional CSS Styles field will remain saved trough the updates

– if you have applied other changes, you may consider setting a child theme

– if you have applied any changes, make sure to create a backup of your changes before installing the update

  • If your previously installed theme’s folder name is different than the new theme’s folder name, the Menu option may get disabled, but you can easily set it in the Appearance -> Menus -> Theme Locations section, by selecting the menu name in the corresponding theme menu fields.

2. Where to download the latest version of the theme from?

You can always download the latest version of the theme from the “Downloads” section of your ThemeForest profile.

3. How to update the theme?

You can read the full instructions about how to update the theme in the “Updates” section of the documentation that goes with the theme.

4. Troubleshooting update problems

  • Updating with the built into the theme Automatic Update functionality failed:

– make sure that you have inserted the correct Envato marketplace username and API key (as explained in the “Updates” section of the documentation)

– if you are sure that you have applied the Envato username and API key correctly, but you still experience problems with updating the theme, it is very likely that the problem is related with some server settings or restrictions. In this case, we would suggest to either use FTP to replace the theme files or upload the theme as a new theme (instructions can be found in the “Updates” section of the documentation).

– Another option is to use the Envato Market plugin – it allows you to automatically update all of your Envato Market items (ThemeForest themes and CodeCanyon plugins) from the WordPress dashboard.

  • Uploading the theme as a new theme results in a message “Destination folder already exists . Theme install failed”     This is happening because you already have a theme with the this folder name installed and you can’t upload another theme folder with the same name. In this case there are a few different options:

– either rename the current folder name or delete the theme completely

– rename the new theme’s folder name. As it is in a zip file, just renaming the zip file won’t be working, as the inner folder will be still with the previous name. In order to rename the zipped theme, you have to:

1. unzip the theme.zip file
2. rename the unzipped folder – make sure that the theme files are located within that folder only (not multiple folders) and do not insert empty spaces or special characters in the theme folder name
3. zip the renamed folder and upload that zip file

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